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Project identification: formaurbis LX
Coordenation: Sérgio Carlos Dias Coelho, Sérgio Fernandes, José Miguel Silva
Rui Justo, João Silva Leite, Pedro Martins, Paulo Pereira, Hugo Farias
Partner Institution: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa
Start date: 2023 End date: 2024

Resume: The “formaurbis LX” notebooks are a collection of monographic fascicles that characterize 12 neighborhoods in Lisbon based on studies carried out by the research group formaurbis LAB within the scope of the project “BUILDINGS” – Edified Typology, Morphological Inventory of the Portuguese City, FCT ref. PTDC/ART-DAQ/30110/2017. The aim of the project is to characterize the diversity of urban forms in the city of Lisbon. The 12 selected neighborhoods are morphological units with a strong formal identity, whose nature allows us to understand the city and its history, but also allows us to describe the processes of production and evolution of ideas.

Each notebook deals with a neighborhood and uses drawing as a privileged instrument for characterizing and representing urban form. In the different notebooks, the same graphic elements and the same representation codes are used, as well as a set of historical archival documents and current photographs, which allow understanding each neighborhood from an individual point of view, but also comparing the different neighborhoods with each other. As a result, a collection of 12 thematic notebooks will be prepared and the organization of 3 presentation sessions and 1 exhibition “FormaUrbis LX: 12 neighborhoods.